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Effective Digital Marketing
For Medical Professionals

Every business is unique and so should their marketing strategy.

This is even more so for medical and dental practices due to the strict regulations from the Ministry of Health as well as the sensitive nature of the industry.

Healthcare advertisers face similar challenges to many other industries such as a high level of competition but there are several factors to take into consideration that make the healthcare industry unique when it comes to winning at paid search.

Before one can even dream of successfully growing their business through paid search, it’s critical to understand the challenges faced in the healthcare industry on Google.

#01 Sensitive information and language restrictions

Medical information is extremely sensitive, and with strict laws from MOH, medical advertisers need to tread gently. One has to be very cautious not to use words such as drugs, prescriptions, etc., because Google will trigger an automatic disapproval system.

Furthermore MOH guidelines stipulate the following.

  • No use of laudatory terms including top, best, number 1, etc
  • No before/after photos and now, no after photos
  • No guaranteeing results
  • No testimonials
  • No discount codes or promos
  • No pictures showing procedures being performed

#02 Competition

One in 20 searches on Google are health related, according to a Google study. This just proves how competitive the field of healthcare is within paid search. There are thousands upon thousands of consumers looking for health related information and while that means good news for potential medical advertisers, this also leads to expensive keywords.

In light of all these challenges, it’s still critical for healthcare professionals to gain exposure and grow their business through paid search. One Google study found that 90% of users rely on search engines to research for medical information and doctors.

So now that we know search is a key place to find patients, what strategies can get you a step ahead of your other colleagues looking to target your potential patients?

5 Tips To Note For
Healthcare Professionals

#01Get To Know Your Audience Well

You need to know your patients like the back of your hand and for medical advertisers, you will need to ensure that your keywords, ad text, and landing pages speak to the language that the patients like. What keywords will they use to search for when looking for a cardiologist or urologist? Take into consideration the different stages these patients are in. Medical advertisers will need to determine if that patient is in a research heavy mind-set, weighing their options between different providers, or in an urgent care state-of-emergency.

In the case of a cardiologist, there will be patients who are top of the funnel, in research mode; they are experiencing chest pain, and they know something’s wrong, but they’re hoping it will go away. Then there’s chronic – these people know exactly what they’re looking for; they’re typically older or are seeing another specialist and and they convert fast. And lastly, there are patients who need emergency and immediate care.

#02Pay Close Attention to Average Position

While it is generally important for advertisers of all industries to stay at the top of the search results, it is even more essential with healthcare advertisers so that they are first top of mind recall for patients whenever searches are conducted for their services.

#03Make Contact Information Readily Available

This is critical for advertisers in the healthcare industry. Think about a patient in a state of an emergency or in serious pain; they are without a doubt going to want immediate access to a phone number or address to receive urgent care. This demographic is likely well-educated and going through a longer conversion process where research is heavy and specific questions need to be asked that can’t be answered without contacting an expert on the product.

So, how can you make sure that you’re utilizing every opportunity to make your contact information readily available? Ensure you’ve doing the following including

  1. Set-up Call Extension
  2. Location Extensions
  3. Sitelink Extensions (linking to your contact page)

You need to include phone numbers, locations, make sure offices are easy to find on the map, provide details on how to reach your clinic.

#04Ensure Your Mobile Strategy is Top-Notch

You may have already figured this one out, but typically if contact information is important then so is having a robust mobile strategy. Over 50% of patients use their smartphones while researching for medical information and making decisions, according to Google.

So what can you do to ensure you’re appearing attractive to your mobile audience? Start by making sure you have a mobile first strategy. In the past having a mobile friendly website is sufficient but nowadays we have to ensure that the mobile website is laid in an intuitive way to guide patients to eventually contact your clinic. It is also imperative to ensure that your mobile website loads fast, since most users are impatient nowadays.

#05How much information should I put up on my landing page

There are theories that landing pages should be kept short and concise, with minimal text, and a strong call-to-action with some engaging visual elements. However for healthcare, this is not the case! Think about it, our health is the most important thing we have and this means that people will want a lot of information in order to make a decision when it comes to their health. Unless they’re in that emergency state, in-depth research is typically conducted and trust needs to be gained.

So now that you know how unique the healthcare industry is, you will need to find an agency that is equally experienced in managing medical campaigns.

You need to find one agency which understands the difference between a cardiologist and cardiothoracic surgeon, why both ENT surgeons and general surgeons can manage head and neck conditions, and the difference between a dermatologist and trichologist.

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My experience with Activa Media has been nothing but positive all these years. They are dedicated, conscientious and ethical professionals and it has been a real joy to work with them.

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Activa Media have been consistently delivering excellent results for your customers and I am sure will continue to do so in the years to come. A big thank you to Lilian and her team for their professionalism and friendship over the years and in the future.

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I would like to express my appreciation to Vincent for his support over the last 12 years. I am sure that with his strong leadership and vision, Activa Media will continue to stand out and do well in the years’ ahead.

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Working with Activa Media has been wonderful over the past one and a half year. Vincent has always been so responsive to any queries that I have and he is ever so willing to provide me with solutions for all my internet exposure needs. Excellent team producing impeccable results.

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They have ensured that my online presence is well enhanced and I look forward to more fabulous years of working together.

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Dr Leo Adult & Paediatric Eye Specialist Pte Ltd

It has been a pleasure working the Activa Media team, especially Vincent. Their knowledge and professionalism make the entire process of website design, content-creation, and the choosing of web marketing strategies a breeze and have helped greatly increase my online presence.

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I am impressed by the professionalism and high quality of service standards shown by the staff of Activa Media. In particular I appreciate their working within the guidelines on professional conduct and promoting the site’s contents rather than the doctor. Even with the restrictions imposed Activa Media has been maintaining a great online presence for us.

Dr Yap Lip Kee
Gynae Consultancy

I look upon Activa Media as a trusted and valuable partner. They have successfully collaborated with me through the years to improve the profile and branding of my practice

Dr Leslie Kuek
Leslie Kuek Plastic Surgery

The team at Activa Media always does a good job of tailoring our online marketing campaigns to our needs. The insights they provide have helped us better manage and satisfy our own customers.

Prof Christopher Goh
Chris Goh ENT – Head & Neck Surgery Pte Ltd

The staff of Activa Media are extremely responsive, diligent, professional and a pleasure to work with. Their strong understanding of the medical fraternity and patients’ needs sets them apart from the rest

Dr Eric Hong
EH Heart Specialist

Working with Activa Media and especially Vincent, enables us to stay at the forefront of upgrading and monitoring the use and effectiveness of our website. The staff are always suggesting new ways to improve the look and the user friendliness of our sites, making it always informative and useful for our patients.

Dr Tay Khoon Hean
Tay Khoon Hean Surgery

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