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Activa Media is one of the first Google resellers to be appointed in Singapore in 2006, and we were quickly awarded the Excellence Performance Award in 2006 by Google. Fast forward to 2013, we became a Premium reseller and went on to bag several industry awards at the Google Premier SME Partner Awards in 2015 and Google Premier Partner Awards (SEA) in 2017 and 2018. This means that we are able to consistently drive higher returns for our clients with the latest technologies, insights and support from Google.


The numbers speak for themselves: According to a report by Frost & Sullivan, Activa Media is currently ranked the market leader in Singapore’s booming online marketing industry with approximately 7.2% of market share in FY2018; we serve over 900 active clients across 100 industry sectors; and over 76% of these clients are our repeat clients.


Activa Media is committed to enhancing its technological infrastructure so that our operations become more efficient and powerful, passing on greater value to our clients.

As of now, we have two licensed platforms:

[1] AM+ is a real-time bidding algorithm that responds to market conditions in real-time and adjusts the bid per hour automatically, allowing each campaign to capture the maximum number of visits to our clients’ websites or landing pages at the lowest cost with less reliance on manpower.

[2] AM-Track is an in-house tracking solution that tracks and records all calls prompted by clients’ marketing campaigns, giving them a detailed breakdown on call types. This data allows us to examine the efficacy of our campaigns and make adjustments to our strategies to ensure that we achieve our marketing objectives.

We currently also have other tech developments in the works—do keep an eye out for them in time to come!


Good products can only go so far without corresponding good service. This is why we are committed to providing prompt and helpful support to our customers.

Dedicated support
Together with the customer relations manager assigned to you, the digital marketing specialist working on your account will work closely with you to better understand, plan and execute your digital marketing campaign.

Invested in your success
Your success is ours. Your customer relations manager and digital marketing specialist will know your campaign intimately and hold timely reviews to ensure that we are on the right track to meet your marketing objectives.

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You can count on us to give you a response to your queries within 1 business day. Alternatively, give us a call at 6235 6678 for immediate assistance.

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