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increase in fan follower

Increase Facebook engagement from
0.5% to 21.67%

Our Challenge

House of Seafood is an established famous seafood restaurant brand in Singapore. Naturally, traditional offline marketing channels have been well-adopted in maintaining their presence in this highly competitive industry. The biggest challenge lies in online brand presence and reputation. Using social media as a customer service platform, the challenge was to consistently resolve any concerns their customers would like to highlight. House of Seafood also capitalised on the potential of social media marketing, to reach out to the masses with minimal advertising costs and measurable statistics, as compared to traditional media buys.


  • Fan follower based increased by 15% organically
  • Average Facebook engagement rate increased from 0.5% to 21.67%

Our Approach/Strategy

The goals were to ensure consistent online brand presence and voice. In order to produce a synchronised voice on all platforms, we had to study House of Seafood, its processes, competitors, products and the F&B industry. The crux of our content strategy was to help House of Seafood maintain its household brand, as a family friendly seafood restaurant where family and friends gather to enjoy delicious signature crabs. In addition, we ran multiple campaigns to increase online brand recognition and even increased overall restaurant walk-ins. Sales funnels were adopted to focus on niche products and promotions like vacuum-packed crabs and island-wide delivery.

The best thing about going online is the cost-efficiency, being able to strategically communicate to the target market and being versatile in it’s ad-content, something which can never be achieved through traditional media. The team at Activa Media is knowledgeable, passionate, creative and I am very pleased to have made them my digital marketing partner!

Mr Francis Ng – Director

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