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About The Company

Alliance Anticimex是新加坡最顶尖的害虫防治公司之一。他们提供全面性的害虫管理服务,并致力于为客户提供及时并有效的最高标准服务。

Alliance Anticimex has turned out to be one of the leading pest management companies in Singapore. Their team has grown from just 7 technicians and a fleet of 5 vehicles, to now over 50 staff and a fleet of 30 vehicles.


increase in the organic traffic in just one year

Previous traffic was only 577, and now it is already

Bounce rate

increase in our Referral Visit

Our Challenge

Our challenge for this campaign was the poor keyword rankings. The main landing pages of the site were not ranking on the top spots nor on the 1st page of Google, based on their respective target keywords. This is the reason for their low monthly traffic, poor website exposure, and loss of potential customers.

See, there are a lot of places on your website where you can place your keywords which can help you accomplish higher ranking positions, and in this case Alliance Anticimex’ keyword placement didn’t work for them.

Another challenge we had was the poor website exposure. When we first received the campaign, we ran a complete website audit. We were able to spot on several major problems inside the website. We discovered that the desktop and mobile versions were not equal, which is not ideal in SEO. We also found duplicate contents, missing meta data and unoptimized landing pages in terms of keyword semantics.


After completing the on-page optimization activities and high-quality backlink acquisition, we were able to push most of the target keywords to page 1. Regarding the poor website exposure, Alliance Pest was able to reach 906.41% organic traffic in our Google search results, in just one year. As you can see, our previous traffic was only 577, and now it is already 5,807. We also have a 0.43% Bounce Rate, and lastly, a 685.48% increase in our referral visit.

We were able to attract qualified traffic that lead to a higher conversion rate. Google Search engine was able to correctly index the site for the relevant keywords, making it appealing for viewers and searchers to visit and stay on the page.

Our Approach/Strategy

Search Engines rank pages and not sites, that is why we enhanced each page of the website in order to rank well in Google search results. We placed each keyword appropriately to their specific landing pages.

Our strategy eliminated all on-page flaws and errors by fixing minor duplicate contents inside the website. Here are some of the on-page and off-page optimization activities we did:

  • Meta Data and Content Keywords Alignment
  • Promotion of Logical Internal Linking Strategy
  • Website’s desktop and mobile equality
  • Acquisition of high quality backlinks from Singapore’s main directories and forums

I have been a client of Activa Media for the past 10 years and all these while, they have performed above my expectations for my online campaigns and providing valuable insights and suggestions.

As a result, my business has grown significantly.

Mr Andrew Chan – Managing Director

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