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Tracking Technology

Activa Media has two proprietary platforms that promise greater value and accountability for our clients.

AM+ is a leading search marketing platform that offers sophisticated real-time bidding algorithm that deliver exceptional returns on investments for our clients. Our platform’s bidding engine responds to market conditions in real time and it adjusts bids hourly to make sure each search campaign budget captures the maximum number of clicks at the lowest cost.

AM-Track is an advanced tracking solution that provides our clients the access to all the data they need to accurately prove the performance of marketing campaigns. The leads are fully analyzed and our clients may confidently allocate their valuable marketing dollars to media that attract the audience they want to reach.

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#1 Alliance Anticimex

Improved Keyword Placement led to 906.41% increase in Organic Traffic in just 1 year; which also led to Better Website Exposure
Alliance Anticimex
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#2 House Of Seafood

Optimized paid media, including traffic generation and post engagement ads, driving an increase in walk-ins and reservations
House Of Seafood
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